Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An Afternoon at the Flower Park

This morning, Grace and I drove to the Dallas Arboretum to check out all of the flowers that were blooming. We met our cousins, Cooper, Lincoln, Adam, Greta, and Levi there - all moms present and accounted for, of course. We started out the day by casually strolling through a bunch of flower gardens, but it didn't take long before the toddlers took over. We had had enough of the being strapped into our strollers, so we protested until we got our way...

Our next stop was this really splashy waterfall fountain. I really liked sticking my head under the water - I got soaked, but loved every minute of it!

I will definately be asking to come back here this summer! It was awesome!

We took a short intermission from the fun to have a light snack. (Mad props go out to Aunt Ginger for supplying the yummy graham crackers!)

They hit the spot! Afterwards, we ran and played in the grass, then strolled a little more.

We came across these deer statues. Here Grace and I are... We decided to ease up on our mom and actually sit still for long enough for her to capture it on film. Fat chance of that happening again ANY time soon though...
Here are a few pictures of me checking out the giant tulips - those suckers were huge! I have the sneaking suspicion that someday, when I bring home a girlfriend to meet my folks, that these pictures might surface again. Great. So much for my macho persona, right?
Say "Cheezzzzeee!!!"
My mom says that I'm such a little man...dang straight I am! Watch out mommas - I'll be chasing your daughters soon enough...
...But for now, I think it's safe to assume that I won't be catching them any time soon - my knees hurt too much. Check out my monster sized boo-boos...

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