Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pre-Christmas Pictures

It's been a while since my last post - Mom says its because she's been real busy with the holidays and daily life. Here are some pictures that she snapped of me and Grace a couple of days before Christmas. There were no presents under the tree yet - Mom says its because me and Grace would have ripped them open without hesitation.... Not me! No way!, Grace, on the other hand... Take a look at her face and judge that for yourself! She was none too happy about the no-present thing. Me, I was just happy to marvel at the beautiful tree...

Grace's favorite thing to do lately is chase me around and tackle me, so I made sure to keep my distance from her. I don't get it...she can beat me up, but mom still says it's not nice to hit girls! G sure is lucky I was being good - I knew Santa was busy checking his list, so I just played it safe...
Who says that boys can't like sparkly and shiny things? I thought our tree was awesome! So what if nearly everything on it was glittered?

Oh yeah, almost forgot... I also wore Gracen's hat and scarf for this picture. It's ok, though. Real men don't only wear pink, they can also pull off lavendar, aqua, and purple too!

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